Print Journals Subscription Services

We provide information to the subscribers via worldwide Journals and Scientific/ Academic Literature no matter what format they want – whether Electronic or Print. We even provide subscriptions for worldwide Print Journals. We are dedicated towards making, renewing, claiming, ordering, and discovering new titles as well as back volumes for our consumers in the simplest way possible.
Other perks included: Proven credibility, You’re able to get access to current price information of the journals, and computerised operations for fast processing of orders

Benefits for the Customers

Renewal Process Made Easy
We ensure that the resources subscribed by the customers are always updated. We also ensure that the customers get one month prior notice of renewal before subscription expiry, so they have uninterrupted access.

Price Negotiation
It is our next priority to work hard with publishers, so our customers can enjoy the best prices as compared to what available in the market. We even make sure you get the best possible offer for financial management for maintaining a library of low budget.

Timely Delivery
We are always connected with the publishers to know and maintain all information regarding journals’ dispatch. You can always count on us for ON TIME delivery of journals.

Claims/ Missing Issues
We have an extremely dedicated team for our customers to take care of any claims or missing issues. And whenever possible, an advance information regarding title changes, delays in publication etc. is provided to the customers and solutions for the claimed issues as well.

Handling Charges
Our company is not known for charging any handling charges.

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