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Author: PC Garnsworthy, J Wiseman

Vol/Edition: First Edition

Isbn: 9781899043576

Lang: English

Year: 2013

Publisher: Context


This book contains the proceedings of the 45th University of Nottingham Feed Conference.

The Ruminant section is concerned with improving efficiency of dairy systems whilst reducing environmental impact. The first chapter reviews effects of low protein diets. The second and third discuss mineral nutrition with particular emphasis on copper supplementation. The fourth reviews impacts of pre-calving nutrition on cow and calf health. The fifth compares systems based on home-grown feeds or by-products. The sixth presents prediction models for milk production responses to nutrition.

The General section starts with a chapter on global trends in feed and milk prices. The second describes the FeedPrint tool for calculating carbon footprint of animal feeds. The third provides an update on legislation affecting the animal feed industry.

The non-ruminant section is concerned with environmental impact and health of pigs and poultry. The first chapter presents life cycle analysis of dietary options in broiler production. The second presents results of trials on peas and beans in pig diets. The third reviews gut health and immunity in piglets. The fourth discusses effects of diet on gut health in pigs. The fifth describes the importance of pig health on production efficiency. The final chapter reviews nutritional quality of soya products for non-ruminants.

All chapters are written by international experts and provide comprehensive analyses of issues alongside practical applications. This book is essential reading for anyone involved in the livestock industry, including nutritionists, feed suppliers, researchers, consultants, animal science students, legislators and veterinary practitioners.

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