Coffee Rust: Epidemiology, Resistance and Management

£ 190


Author: Ajjamada C. Kushalappa

Vol/Edition: First Edition

Isbn: 0849368995

Lang: English

Year: 1989

Publisher: CRC Press


This highly informative monograph will provide a basic reference on coffee rust for both investigators in the field and those entering it. The research conducted has been organized based on principles of epidemiology and plant disease management, providing both theoretical and practical information. This approach enables discussion of the past, present and future of coffee rust research in broad plant patholog-ical areas of biology, epidemiology, genetics and breeding for disease resistance, fungicide technology and application, and disease management. In addition, an analysis of epidemics, breeding programs, and other rust management practices in India, Kenya and Brazil are included. This new text will contain over 45 figures and 40 tables for both investigators in the field and those just entering it.

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