Food Technology: Applied Research and Production Techniques

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Author: Murlidhar Meghwal, Megh R. Goyal, Mital J. Kaneria

Vol/Edition: First Edition

Isbn: 9781771885096

Lang: English

Year: 2018

Publisher: CRC PRESS


In this era of climate change and food/water/natural resource crises, it is important that current advancements in technology are made taking into consideration the impact on humanity and the environment. This new volume, Food Technology: Applied Research and Production Techniques, in the Innovations in Agricultural and Biological Engineering book series, looks at recent developments and innovations in food technology and sustainable technologies. Advanced topics in the volume include food processing, preservation, nutritional analysis, quality control and maintenance as well as good manufacturing practices in the food industries. The chapters are highly focused reports to help direct the development of current food- and agriculture-based knowledge into promising technologies.


  • provides information on relevant technology
  • makes suggestions for equipment and devices
  • looks at standardization in food technology
  • explores new and innovative packaging technology
  • studies antimicrobial activities in food
  • considers active constituents of foods and provides information about isolation, validation and characterization of major bioactive constituents
  • discusses the effect of laws and regulatory guidelines on infrastructure to transform technology into highly value-added products

Food Technology: Applied Research and Production Techniques will be a very useful reference book for food technologists, practicing food engineers, researchers, professors, students of these fields and professionals working in food technology, food science, food processing, and nutrition.

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