The Periplasm

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Author: Michael Ehrmann

Vol/Edition: First Edition

Isbn: 9781555813987

Lang: English

Year: 2007

Publisher: ASM



Written by an international group of eminent scientists, this new treatise is the very first in the field to provide a thorough, state–of–the–art review of the periplasm, the extracytoplasmic compartment found in gram-negative bacteria. Targeting medical practitioners and students of biology, microbiology, biochemistry, structural biology, and biotechnology, The Periplasm details important aspects of the physiology of pathogenic microorganisms, conveys a selection of current drug resistance strategies, and describes lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis.

Valuable background information outlining the inner workings of gram-negative bacteria is presented, providing insights into the evolution of cellular compartments and their benefit to living organisms. There are also comprehensive discussions of the basic biological functions of the periplasm and their physiological relevance, including protein transport, folding, and quality control; bioenergetics; solute transport; stress responses; cell division; and cell architecture.

The Periplasm lays the foundation for future research directions and novel experiments in its coverage of the most up–to–date results, approaches, and hypotheses available to those working in the field. Recent insights into computational methods to predict cellular localization and the latest developments in recombinant protein production are also examined.

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