Plant Biotechnology

₹ 4195


Author: Hiru Ranabhatt

Vol/Edition: First Edition

Isbn: 9789385059339

Lang: English

Year: 2018

Publisher: Woodhead Publishing India Pvt Ltd

This book summarises various aspects of plant biotechnology and is divided into 27 chapters. This edition discusses: plant cell culture and development, plant tissue culture, micropropagation, germplasm storage, haploid plants, triploid plants, in vitro pollination and fertilisation, protoplast isolation and culture, somatic cell hybridisation, synthetic seeds, plant breeding, plant derived vaccines, genetically modified foods, improving photosynthesis and crop yield, insect resistant plants, fungus resistant plants, virus resistant plants, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, recombinant DNA, molecular markers, intellectual property rights. Chapters on nanotechnology for micronutrients in soil-plant systems are a unique feature of the book.

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